Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2 – Latest Accessories

5-in-1 USB adapter

Since my last article about cases and devices available for the Surface Pro, a whole set of new accessories has become available. Here is a list of my favorite ones, with links to get more details about them.

More and more people buy the Surface Pro, especially after the recent price cut that makes it a very good deal.
I personally use my device every day for such activities as blog posting, programming, Word or Excel, browse the internet, watch movies etc. etc.
What do you use your Pro for?
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Microsoft Surface 5-in-1 adapter

5-in-1 USB adapter

This adapter, that fits the Surface Pro perfectly (see the picture at the top of this blog post), brings 2 additional USB ports, a micro-USB port, and an image-card reader. This adapter is a great alternative for those of us who thought about buying a USB hub.

Sonos PLAY:1

The Sonos line of wireless speakers is getting increasingly popular: Plug the Sonos BRIDGE to your Internet router, buy the PLAY:1, PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 wireless speakers and… you are set to play music wirelessly from your Surface Pro, your Surface Pro 2, your phone, your favorite online music service (such as Pandora,, etc.), iTunes, or even Internet radios.

Buy additional speakers (or the Sonos SUB subwoofer) and Sonos devices will automatically recognize each-other to work together. This way, you can even get up to a wireless 5.1 home theater!

They look nice, have a very good sound and are easy to setup. Looking for wireless speakers? Look no further.


Gold-plated HDMI adapter

Gold-plated HDMI adapter

This adapter transmits video and sound with an irreproachable quality. Nothing more to say about this adapter, that will allow you to plug HDMI devices (TVs, projectors, external monitoris etc.) to your Surface Pro.


Manvex Slim Leather Folio Case and Stand

Manvex Case and Stand

Nothing much to say about this extremely popular case that is available in 3 different colors. Just read the reviews and you will be convinced this is one of the best on the market for the Surface Pro.


TechArmor Screen Protector

TechArmor Screen Protector

This is a cheap (less than $6 at the time of writing), yet perfect, screen protector for the Surface Pro. 2 screen protectors come in the pack (can be useful if your Surface Pro ever needs to be serviced/exchanged, which happened to me).



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