Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2 Accessories (1/2)

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

The Surface Pro was given various ways to connect to external devices (USB, Bluetooth, DisplayPort, etc.). It is therefore easy to do such things as expanding the tablet’s available memory, attach a wireless mouse and keyboard, connect to external screen, and so on..

After yesterday’s choice of Surface Pro Cases, you will find here a list of accessories that, we feel, are a nice addition to one’s setup.

SanDisk Ultra 64Gb MicroSDXC
This is the MicroSDXC card I constantly have within my tablet. It is one of the fastest on the market and expand the Surface Pro’s memory by 64Gb.MicroSDXC Card

Patriot Supersonic Rage XT 64Gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive
I wanted to improve the limited Surface Pro’s available memory by all possible means. I therefore looked for a USB key that would be sizeable and would use the USB 3.0 port to the maximum of its ability.

Patriot Rage XT

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse
This is probably the wireless mouse of choice for Surface Pro owners.

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard
I do not own it myself but this wireless keyboard has pretty good reviews and would go nicely with the mouse you purchased a few seconds ago!

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter & Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter
I use these inexpensive products to connect my Surface Pro to an external monitor or to a projector.

HDMI adapter VGA Adapter

USB 3.0 Hub (4 ports)
When one USB port is not enough it is always useful to have a USB Hub that allows to plug several devices at the same time. This USB 3.0 Hub will allow you to take full advantage of the Pro’s USB port.

USB 3.0 Hub

amFilm Screen Protector
The name says it all: an inexpensive adhesive screen protector

amFilm Screen Protector

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