Sonos: Play Music Wirelessly From Your Surface Pro


Sonos has become an increasingly famous and reliable system to play music from any possible source: your own music collection, your iTunes music library, your phone, your online music services (such as Spotify) or even free Internet radio.

Why is Sonos so popular right now?

This system has become widely popular for several reasons:

  1. Sound quality is pretty high
  2. Very easy to setup: in a matter of minutes, it is possible to play music from ANY source (computer, phone, iPod, Spotify, iTunes, radio etc.)
  3. Reliable wireless connectivity: those who have tried Bluetooth speakers know that quality can become sketchy when the speakers are too far from the music source, or when people start to walk around the room
  4. You can expand your setup as your needs evolve: start with a Sonos PLAY:1, and later add a subwoofer, additional speakers or even a TV soundbar
  5. Design is great (according to my own tastes of course)

There is a drawback though:
Easiness of setup and build quality come at a price.

Let’s know have a look at what are your different options when it comes to Sonos.

Sonos PLAY:1



What is it?

This is the most basic speaker in the Sonos line. It can play music from any device and stand in any room of your house, given you can have it stand close to your Internet router.

Do I need it?

Definitely, if you choose to start with a basic setup. It can connect to your wireless router and then act as a Sonos BRIDGE or CONNECT (see below) to allow you to put other speakers in any room of your house.
Setup two of them in the same room and they will automatically pair with each other to become one right speaker and one left speaker.
Add the Sonos SUB (a wireless subwoofer) and Sonos PLAYBAR (a TV soundbar) and you will get a wireless 5.1 Home Theater!


Sonos PLAY:3


What is it?

This is exactly like the PLAY:1 but has a better sound (3 embedded speakers instead of two in the PLAY:1) and you can indifferently be set horizontally or vertically.

Do I need it?

Yes, if you need better sound quality than the PLAY:1 or if your setup requires you to set your speakers in different orientations.


Sonos PLAY:5



What is it?

The PLAY:5 features even better sound and power than PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 (it has five embedded speakers in it, versus two in the PLAY:1 and three in the PLAY:3). It also has an audio line-in (to physically plug music devices) and an headphone jack (if you bought a nice pair of headphones and need to plug them in somewhere).

Do I need it?

Yes, if you like to have the best sound quality at your home, or if you have bigger rooms than the average person. Also, it can prove useful for those who have a pair of headphones and don’t necessarily want to buy a dedicated amplifier to run them.




What is it?

The Sonos PLAYBAR is a sound bar that features great sound quality. It features a nine-speaker design (six mid woofer, three tweeter) and connectivity to play sound or music from a TV, or video games. It is also the basis for a home theater. It itself is a 3.0 home theater. Add the Sonos SUB and you will get a 3.1 setup. Add the Sonos SUB as well as a pair of PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 and you get a 5.1 Home Theater!

Do I need it?

Yes, if you either wish to bring better sound quality to your TV or if you are looking to buy a 5.1 Home Theater or play music and movies from a Blu-ray player (the optical cable will help you achieve the best possible sound.

Sonos SUB


What is it?

The Sonos SUB is, at its name reveals, a wireless subwoofer. You probably won’t buy this by itself but add it to an already existing setup (whether it consists in one or several PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5 or the Sonos PLAYBAR). Push a button and this will connect to your existing setup.

Do I need it?

I think you do. Whether you bought any product in the Sonos line, you probably want to add a subwoofer to improve your music energy and loudness quality. It is also the way to go for any Home Theater experience.




What is it?

The Sonos BRIDGE is the piece of setup you need to wirelessly stream music to any Sonos speaker, anywhere in your house. Plug it to your Internet router and.. that’s it!

Do I need it?

Yes, Yes and.. Yes, unless you are committed to leave one of your speakers of the Sonos line physically connected to your router. I would tend to say that, given its low price, (and it also comes for free when you buy a PLAY:1, PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 -> Click on the link to display the offer), you should simply get it.




What is it?

How is the CONNECT different from the BRIDGE you might ask?
Well, they simply don’t do the same thing: Sonos CONNECT lets you plug your already existing HiFi system (with an optical or RCA cable) and play your music wirelessly, whether it comes from your phone, iPod, iTunes, an online music service or Internet radios.
In one word: this adds wireless capability to an existing music system.

Do I need it?

You need this only if you already have your own music/Hifi system and would like the ability to play music from wireless sources or the Internet.





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