Linux on the Surface Pro

Linux on Surface Pro Some of you may be interested in installing Linux or give it a try on the Surface Pro. It is especially easy and quick to do:

Without having to make any change to your original Surface Pro setup, you can run a regular Linux from within Windows with the included Microsoft software called Hyper-V.

First, you need to download your favorite Linux distribution. Let’s say you choose Ubuntu (download it here).

Then, you need to activate Hyper-V using the 2-minute procedure available there.

Finally, open Hyper-V manager (available on the Start Screen at the right) and do the following:

- New – Virtual Machine – Next – Set a name (for instance ‘Ubuntu’) – Next – set a minimum of 1Gb of RAM – Next – Select a network – Next – Select ‘Create a virtual disk’  (input the name, maximum size etc. that you want) – Next – Choose ‘Install an operating system from a boot CD/DVD’ and click browse to choose the ISO file that you downloaded earlier – Finish

Then right click on your newly created ‘virtual machine’, choose ‘Start’ and let the magic happen.

You now can run Linux from a window within Windows.

Update: you can refer to this article for a little more details about Hyper-V and to get information about out to install OpenSUSE linux distribution

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